About Us

We are a team of professional photographers, located in Caracas -Venezuela- and South Florida –United States- that work with passion and creativity to turn your awesome moments into special memories, in a way they have never been captured.

Our Mission

We promise to photograph your special occasions with creativity, providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for you to reveal your inner self and natural expressions. We also believe in creating personal connections with all of our customers and being loving and warm with each one of you.

Our Story

     We have a magical power. Yes, we do! We have the power to revive your special moments through our photographs. In The Memory Land we just dont do it in a common way, we take you in a journey back there!

    Every time you look at one of our photographs, you win a free ticket to fly in our air balloon. Our team of professional “air ballon drivers” inmediatly pick you where you are and take you to The Memory Land, a place where you will experience again that happy moment.

     And you know what is the best? This free ticket never expires, so if you want to take a look at your photographs 5, 15 of even 30 years later, we will gladly pick you up and take you back to The Memory Land again. Anyways, we love creating everlasting relationships with our customers, so it will always be a pleasure to see you again sometime in the future.
Come and fly with us!




Balloon Pilots

Carolina Afonso



Founder & Photographer